Windows, Linux (and Samba)

I needed to copy a 140MiB file from a Windows 2000 server. The only problem was that it didn’t support FTP (or SFTP) and I couldn’t download FileZilla Server since there was no network connection. I asked my colleague for a quick fix to this, and I can’t recall what he said, but suddenly I […]

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Jaikoz: Audio Tagger review

Disclaimer: I paid GBP20 (~S$40) for this application, so this post is simply to share my (good) thoughts. I used to strip all mp3 metadata aka ID3 for my mp3 collection. This worked out OK except during search. All of my fines have underscored names; e.g. The_Humpty_Dumpty_Love_Song.mp3 I use Play Music, and it doesn’t understand […]

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