Forced choice (VirtualBox, or Docker)

In order to run Docker, it seems I must discontinue my use of VirtualBox. Great (not great); e.g.,


Hiding page breaks in Excel

I’d successfully hidden ’em distracting grid lines in Excel via (Ribbon) > View > Gridlines, but then I wanted to hide (similarly distracting) page breaks. As it turns out, this option is pretty well hidden:

File > Options > Advanced > Display options for this worksheet > Show page breaks

Also note that this option is set on a per-worksheet basis, so you’ll have to uncheck once for every worksheet you may have. Thankfully, there is a drop list 3 check boxes above, so just rinse and repeat.

Kudos to the ExtendOffice blog post for this enlightenment:


Windows 10: Multiple displays

I use my 23″ monitor as the main display when paired with my 14″ Windows laptop (HP EliteBook 840 G3). 150% display scaling is fine with 23″ of glorious, screen real estate, but eye-achingly small on just 14″; i.e., when I go for meetings. As a result, I’d toggle between 100% and 150% display scaling, and there’s the added hassle of having to re-login for this change to take effect.

Today I learned that you can configure separate settings for each display when using”Extend these displays” rather than “Duplicate these displays”. My thanks to this other article, saved me a couple of minutes each and every time!


SOLVED: Clear cached PuTTY’s SSH keys

For all those of you who have been trying to clear Putty’s cache of host fingerprints (Windows) for development or testing, here is the answer:

1. Open the registry (regedit)
2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SimonTatham\PuTTY\SshHostKeys
3. Delete the rows that you need and presto!

Nice, TIL.

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Windows: Laptop can’t find Wi-Fi; others can

From the Start menu, right click “Computer”, then “Manage”.

“Computer Management” window comes up, navigate to System Tools -> Device Manager > Network adapters. Right click the correct one (e.g. Atheros AR5B97 Wireless Network Adapter), then Uninstall. Keep the driver software for the device, now you should have one less adapter.

Again from “Computer Management”, click Action > Scan for hardware changes.

The wireless adapter should be detected, and then previously missing wireless network should re-appear.

Extracted from


Windows: Removing picture locations

Using regedit to remove ‘Images’:



Windows, Linux (and Samba)

I needed to copy a 140MiB file from a Windows 2000 server. The only problem was that it didn’t support FTP (or SFTP) and I couldn’t download FileZilla Server since there was no network connection. I asked my colleague for a quick fix to this, and I can’t recall what he said, but suddenly I remember that I’d RHEL 3 (and Samba) and I could use Windows to map a Samba share. Problem solved.

Sometimes it is thinking about a problem from a different perspective client/server instead of server/client. Heh

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