Winamp: .m3u playlist on Android devices

Recently I created a 71-track playlist in Winamp for Windows, and I thought to (somehow) copy the playlist it to my Android handset instead of having to recreate it on the phone one track at a time (groan).

Winamp has a playlist export feature — Manage Playlist > Export playlist… — that writes a .m3u file to a path of your choice. But I found that Winamp makes the path (to the media files) relative if it is placed in the same directory.

I do just that — all my files are in the same directory C:\Users\wayne.khan-zw\Music — so this works for me. When prompted to save, set the full path to something like C:\Users\wayne.khan-zw\Music\Foo.m3u. The contents of the file should be something like the following:

#EXTINF:157,Zee Avi - Bitter Heart

As you can see, I’m a Zee Avi fan. But I digress.

Now,you can transfer this .m3u file onto your Android device — I saved mine as /mnt/sdcard/Music/Foo.m3u.

On my phone, I use Winamp and adidas miCoach, and both will display (and play!) the exported playlist. Hopefully this works with your favourite music player, too.

#winamp, #windows