MVP hosts is a good start if you’re looking to block advertisements-serving domains. However, wildcard domains; e.g. “*” and sub-domains “” do not work correctly. Furthermore, if you’re a network administrator — I administer my home network — the effect is not propagated for all clients. Aside, the large filesize (~16k lines) means reduced performance, […]

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xDSL Internet connection sharing

Want to share your xDSL Internet connection? Try out the following guide. Note that this guide comes without any guaranty of any sort, you’re on your own here. If that’s fine with you, read on. You’ll need three devices: xDSL modem; A (optionally wireless) router; One (or more) host machines. Some of the newer xDSL […]

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The unnecessary pain of…

… setting up a home network. I finally got down to setting up my old wireless router for a friend yesterday. Its a D-Link DI-624+. Now this should have be a relatively painless activity since I had set it up successfully before myself after 1-2 days of Internet-less pain. It was more about the DSL […]

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