Debian-based distro adventures

Since my previous post, I’ve used: MEPIS 8; KDE 3, based on Debian 5; Ubuntu 9.04;  GNOME 2, based on Debian 5; Linux Mint 7: GNOME 2, based on Ubuntu 9.04; Kubuntu 8.04; KDE 3, based on on Ubuntu 8.04. I’ve compared MEPIS 8 and Ubuntu 9.04, in what was called an unfair comparison by […]

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Back to KDE 3.5.1

Two nights ago I reverted to KDE 3.5.1, as the UI was getting less and less responsive. Krunner, Kate, Kdesvn for some reason felt slower than when I first installed KDE 4.1. There was also a silly issue with Kate (my primary text editor) which didn’t help. Maybe it was the hardware, as my laptop […]

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Actually it’s KDE 4.1; apparently this is more stable that the point release, that’s why I waited as long as I did. For more instructions, see here. You probably need to upgrade to Lenny first — I didn’t check as I’m already on Lenny. Well, late to upgrade (or update) as usual, but the wait […]

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Alternate Background in Lists

Konquerer’s file listing recently looked like an (unreadable) alternating blue/white color scheme. I think it had something to do with kwin-baghira, because MacOS does alternate item coloring. I installed and removed it, and I guess the theme must have changed it. For 3 days I was wondering what happened. Google-ing didn’t help, or maybe I […]

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Debian 4.0 (Etch i386) netinst

I made the mistake of downloading and installing the netinst version of Etch. I’d setup MEPIS 6.0 on my sister’s laptop previously, so I imagined it would’ve been a breeze for Debian. The installation went successfully, except for the network detection part, but I dismissed it thinking that I’d be able to setup once everything […]

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