Jaikoz: Audio Tagger review

Disclaimer: I paid GBP20 (~S$40) for this application, so this post is simply to share my (good) thoughts.

I used to strip all mp3 metadata aka ID3 for my mp3 collection. This worked out OK except during search. All of my fines have underscored names; e.g.


I use Play Music, and it doesn’t understand a search spaced search; i.e. “Humpty Dumpty”, which is, IMO an excellent search intent. Anyway, that’s a rant for another day.

Today it is about Jaikoz. I changed upon it via Lifehacker.

I am using the latest 4.5.7, and everything just works as expected. There is MusicBrainz support if you’re lazy. I tried that out a bit, but the accuracy wasn’t that good, but that’s OK because everything can be edited by hand if like me, you’re a fanatic/zealot that prefers to search for artist/album/album art via Amazon.

I did encounter an error message like “msvcr100.dll missing”, but it worked fine after dismissing the dialog. I might have messed with my Win7 settings and installed a Java update, that’s why, but I downloaded this Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) and then the error was gone. The fix is not mentioned on any Jaikoz-related forum, but there’s a Microsoft answer that was really helpful.

And oh, there’s an free trial that lets you fix metadata for up to 20 songs a time — Just restart to continue editing the metadata. I tried it out for a week before I go tired of restarting it — Java is slow — and took the plunge. It costs 20GBP for Standard, that it is working out really well as I start to (re)tag my music.

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