Apple Special Event

Apple Park, it starts with the first event held today at the Steve Jobs Theatre.

Today at Apple, it seems to be huge. I can’t attest to this though, haven’t been at the Orchard Road one.

Apple Watch
No. 1 apparently, leapfrogging Rolex. New heart rate metrics (e.g., resting heart rate, recovery rate) in watchOS 4.

Next generation Watch, series 3. Built-in cellular connectivity (eSIM), so you can remain connected whilst away from the phone.

New dual-core processor, additional W2 chip. Same height/width, but slightly thicker in order for battery life to remain consistent.

Live FaceTime call seems pretty good in spite of tenuous source condition. $329/399 without/with cellular. Launches without carrier support in Singapore, though.

Apple TV
Next generation Apple TV ($179), support for 4K content. High Dynamic Range (HDR), for vivid colors. Same A10X SoC used in iPad Pro.

Live sports content, wow!

Access HomeKit devices, it’s always at home anyway.

Game demo seems pretty cool, works well with the touch remote.

iPhone 8, & iPhone 8 Plus
Glass front and back, plus aluminum. Comes in silver, space grey, and gold.

True Tone, like for iPad Pro.

New SoC, they call it A11 Bionic (read: faster).

8 Plus portrait lighting mode seems awesome.

ARKit, coming in useful for gaming!

Leverages the existing Qi wireless charging. -death keel for competing standards-

iPhone 10
Edge to edge Super Retina display. 5.8″, 458 pixels per inch, OLED.

No more Home button, so swipe up from the bottom. Swipe down from the top to access Control Centre.

To unlock your phone, just look at it (Face ID). A whole bunch of sensors at the top, some of it in support of Face ID. Probably won’t work with 😎, though.

Neural engine, additional to A11 Bionic. Won’t be faked out by photographs or masks. Sorry, Arya of House Stark.

Animoji on iMessage, pretty cool. I call dibs on the 💩 Animoji.

Camera tech. is even more advanced than 8 Plus.

2 hours more of battery life, great!

3 devices charging at the same time: iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch; i.e., AirPower. And I thought it meant superior fighter jets and helicopters.


OS X: Icon^M file

When I use Terminal, I’ve noticed that the OS creates this Icon^M for folders that I created. It’s quite irritating (I’m not sure what it’s for), and Eclipse was choking on it last semester. I never figured out why until today. So apparently it is a custom icon (but I didn’t set one!), so I can delete ’em via Terminal; e.g.

woteba:~ kzhiwei$ find . -name Icon*
woteba:~ kzhiwei$ find . -name Icon* | xargs rm -rf

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