CentOS: httpd invalid command

Was configuring a CentOS 6 server recently, and I decided to comment out all httpd (i.e. Apache) LoadModule directives. Upon restart, there were several invalid commands, so I took the time to note ’em down as it wasn’t obvious (to me, at least) which commands were provided by which modules. I liken this to a […]

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OCIEnvNlsCreate() failed

Wanted to work on an Oracle project from home last weekend, but I received this message: Warning (2): ocilogon() [function.ocilogon]: OCIEnvNlsCreate() failed. There is something wrong with your system – please check that ORACLE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH are set and point to the right directories [CORE/cake/libs/model/datasources/dbo/dbo_oracle.php, line 171] A little bit of system background here. I’m […]

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mod_rewrite primer

I’ve had to write a number of .htaccess files over the past week or so. My uses of mod_rewrite are simple enough, but I thought to post here since there in case anybody just wants to accomplish something quickly. Ask your server administrator to set the “AllowOverride” property to “FileInfo” or “All”, so as to […]

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PHP4 issue (v4.4.5)

I just spent the last 3 hours trying to figure out how come, after upgrading the PHP version on my web server, two websites were broken. In particular, these two were done using my colleague’s new framework — which is pretty good — but they just wouldn’t work. Apache2 would prompt to download the .php […]

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PHP5 on Fedora Core 6 (64-bit)

# gunzip -dc php-5.2.1.tar.gz | tar -xof – # cd php-5.2.1 # ./configure –with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache2/bin/apxs \ –with-mysql \ –with-libdir=lib64 . . . checking for MySQL support… yes checking for specified location of the MySQL UNIX socket… no checking for MySQL UNIX socket location… no configure: error: Cannot find MySQL header files under yes. Note that the […]

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Apache2 on Fedora Core 6 (64-bit)

This blog post is a lifesaver. CPU: AMD Opteron 144 (UP) OS: FC-6-x86_64 (in VMWare Player) Download this, save as /home/wayne-devel/patch.txt. Then run commands (as root): # gunzip -dc httpd-2.2.4.tar.gz | tar -xof – # cd httpd-2.2.4/srclib/apr-util/build/ # patch apu-conf.m4 /home/wayne-devel/patch.txt # rm configure # cd ../../../ # rm configure #. /buildconf # ./configure –enable-mime-magic […]

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