Windows 10: Multiple displays

I use my 23″ monitor as the main display when paired with my 14″ Windows laptop (HP EliteBook 840 G3). 150% display scaling is fine with 23″ of glorious, screen real estate, but eye-achingly small on just 14″; i.e., when I go for meetings. As a result, I’d toggle between 100% and 150% display scaling, and there’s the added hassle of having to re-login for this change to take effect.

Today I learned that you can configure separate settings for each display when using”Extend these displays” rather than “Duplicate these displays”. My thanks to this other article, saved me a couple of minutes each and every time!


“ORA-24454: client host name is not set” when connecting from Ubuntu instance on AWS EC2

So I have this Ubuntu client connecting to Oracle Database (the server). Changed its host name late last week, and then the users realized that the app is no longer working correctly…

Thankfully, it’s a configuration issue which I resolved with help from Stack Overflow (of course). Simply update /etc/hosts with the correct host name — in my case, the recently updated host name (e.g., hostname -A), problem solved!

Display bug in VMware vSphere Client

Basically, the display is cut off! So if I were trying to install a new OS, it wouldn’t be very efficient since I’d have to guess what was on display; e.g.


As it turns out, using the correct search phrase returns the answer. HINT: it’s a compatibility issue between the client and display scaling in Windows 10; e.g. mine was set to 150%.

TLDR: The solution is to set display scaling to 100%, and then log out and in for the changes to take effect.

#microsoft, #vmware