Windows, Linux (and Samba)

I needed to copy a 140MiB file from a Windows 2000 server. The only problem was that it didn’t support FTP (or SFTP) and I couldn’t download FileZilla Server since there was no network connection. I asked my colleague for a quick fix to this, and I can’t recall what he said, but suddenly I remember that I’d RHEL 3 (and Samba) and I could use Windows to map a Samba share. Problem solved.

Sometimes it is thinking about a problem from a different perspective client/server instead of server/client. Heh

#linux, #samba, #windows

Excel: Down key scrolls instead of moving to the next cell

Learnt something new today. I was using Excel with my keyboard, and I was puzzled why pressing the down key scrolled instead of moving (down) to the next cell, as I’d expected.

So I Googled, and found this excellent post. It turns out I’d inadvertently turned on Scroll Lock. Voila!

#excel, #windows