Chrome: AdBlock extension

I’d been thinking about writing a user script to prevent loading of particular network resources. The problem is that particular URLs are blocked — I’m guessing by this thing called Niometrics.

All this social network integration Javascript ruins the user experience, because script load prevents the (critical page) content from being displayed until the request times out (what, like 60s later?). I guess introducing such a long delay is one way to reduce network traffic, but that’s what I wanted to circumvent, hence the thought about a user script. I checked out Greasemonkey and thought about a Firefox plugin, and then I found this wonderful extension called AdBlock which is excellent for my purposes. Basically it prevents resources (i.e. Javascript, CSS) from being loaded

Basically there are readily available filter lists, but I’d like to have full control of what is blocked, hence I have filters of my own. Here it is, if you’re blocked like me:


The good thing is that wildcard (*) is supported, which makes things much less verbose than, say then a custom hosts file, which can grow to a nigh-unmanageable size.

If there’s one thing that I can complain about, it is the absolutely horrid icon. It’s so bad that I’d elect to hide it, preferring to access the options via chrome://chrome/extensions/ instead.

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