Jaikoz: Audio Tagger review

Disclaimer: I paid GBP20 (~S$40) for this application, so this post is simply to share my (good) thoughts.

I used to strip all mp3 metadata aka ID3 for my mp3 collection. This worked out OK except during search. All of my fines have underscored names; e.g.


I use Play Music, and it doesn’t understand a search spaced search; i.e. “Humpty Dumpty”, which is, IMO an excellent search intent. Anyway, that’s a rant for another day.

Today it is about Jaikoz. I changed upon it via Lifehacker.

I am using the latest 4.5.7, and everything just works as expected. There is MusicBrainz support if you’re lazy. I tried that out a bit, but the accuracy wasn’t that good, but that’s OK because everything can be edited by hand if like me, you’re a fanatic/zealot that prefers to search for artist/album/album art via Amazon.

I did encounter an error message like “msvcr100.dll missing”, but it worked fine after dismissing the dialog. I might have messed with my Win7 settings and installed a Java update, that’s why, but I downloaded this Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) and then the error was gone. The fix is not mentioned on any Jaikoz-related forum, but there’s a Microsoft answer that was really helpful.

And oh, there’s an free trial that lets you fix metadata for up to 20 songs a time — Just restart to continue editing the metadata. I tried it out for a week before I go tired of restarting it — Java is slow — and took the plunge. It costs 20GBP for Standard, that it is working out really well as I start to (re)tag my music.

2 thoughts on “Jaikoz: Audio Tagger review

  1. My trial ran out a month ago and I never got around to really test this program. I wonder: how much do you like it now, having used it for 2 weeks! ?!

    I only spent like 20 mins on it. However, I did notice the terrible Java interface. You cant really blame the developer for that. You probably have to use something like Java or Python to create something like this.

    Anyway, is it worth the money? I download a lot of material from Youtube, so I don’t have the album tags. I wonder if Jaikoz will make my life easier.


  2. It works really well for me. It’s a tad slow — prob cos it’s Java — and the interface is ho-hum but everything works as expected, so yes, it’s worth it! I started out at 1000+ songs, now I’m down to 300+ without metadata, so that’s pretty good progress considering where I started out from.

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