MVP hosts is a good start if you’re looking to block advertisements-serving domains.

However, wildcard domains; e.g. “*” and sub-domains “” do not work correctly. Furthermore, if you’re a network administrator — I administer my home network — the effect is not propagated for all clients.

Aside, the large filesize (~16k lines) means reduced performance, since there are entries like “”, “”. Typically, the entire domain should be blocked — although we might end up blacklisting “good” domains; e.g. “”, the end result is mostly desirable.

Since my TL-WR841N is fairly competent; i.e. it allows a dot-prefixed domain; e.g. “” works correctly as expected, I wrote a script to extract, and process the contents of hosts.txt into ~7k lines, which is a bit more acceptable.

Now, I just need to figure out how to add more than 4 domains to a rule.

If you’re interested in the source, you can find it here.