SOLVED: The mystery of the disappearing laptop screen brightness slider

Updated for Windows 10.

I noticed that with the power turned off at boot time, I’d be unable to adjust my screen brightness. Instead of the usual 3 options (Turn off the display, Put the computer to sleep, and Adjust plan brightness), just 2 were available; i.e. Adjust plan brightness” had disappeared!

This is probably due to a bad driver (e.g. TeamViewer). The workaround is to restart Windows with the power plugged in, but this is a bothersome fix.

A better solution is to hit Windows + x: Device Manager: Monitors: (Select your monitor): Properties: Driver: Uninstall.

Post-uninstall, click Action: Scan for hardware changes. Your monitor should reappear, this time with the good driver installed.

#microsoft, #teamviewer

Synaptic games deinstall for Xubuntu 10.04

Copy the following text for use w/ Synaptic when marking game-related packages for deinstall in Xubuntu 10.04. It may also work with other GNOME2-based, Ubuntu derivatives. The alternate installer does not provide the option to mark/unmark any packages at inastall time, hence the need for this.

aisleriot deinstall
quadrapassel deinstall
gnome-mahjongg deinstall
gnome-games-common deinstall
gnome-sudoku deinstall
gnomine deinstall


$ sudo apt-get remove aisleriot quadrapassel gnome-mahjongg gnome-games-common gnome-sudoku gnomine -y