Java plugin (Firefox) on MEPIS

I found this link useful. It helped me to get Java running in Firefox. The instructions are a bit outdated, so I thought to repost. First we need Java installed: apt-get install sun-java6-plugin We go to the Firefox “plugins” folder, and rename for the existing (not working!) plugin with a .bak extension, and then create […]

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I received the following error in my CodeIgniter web application today: Notice: Use of undefined constant OCI_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS – assumed ‘OCI_COMMIT_ON_SUCCESS’ in … today. It turns out that, in MEPIS at least, you need the packages bc, libaio, even if you’ve compiled support for oci8. I re-added the packages, restarted Apache and it worked, once again.


MEPIS 8 and Fujitsu Lifebook S7110

I previously wrote that MEPIS worked (sound, wired networking, wireless networking) out of the box for my IBM R52. FYI, the wireless card is the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG. I’d also previously detailed instructions on Debian “Etch”. What I didn’t state was that I would encounter issues where wlassistant would report that it was unable to […]

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SimplyMEPIS 8.0

My slow laptop is now running on SimplyMEPIS 8.0. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel that slow anymore. Maybe it was an OS issue, but I digress. The install process was a breeze. I used mepis-network to setup wireless access, gparted to partition the hard disk into two partitions of 8GB (root) and 2GB (swap) each, and […]

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Oracle SQL Developer is ****

As the title says, this is a rant. Here’s the background. I’d been assigned an (old) IBM laptop running Windows XP at work. Except I like to use my own (newer) laptop to write code. So the only reason I even boot up the laptop is to use Visio, or maybe SQL Developer. Usually I […]

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