Katapult-like functionality on KDE4.1

OK, this post is more about recovering the Katapult functionality that I love. In fact, I started using KDE because of Katapult! But I digress.

In KDE4, which I recently installed there is a program called KRunner. It works exactly like Katapult, but the shortcut key is Alt + F2. This is a VERY poor shortcut; it’s a stretch to hit the Alt and F2 button at the same time. Previously I used the excellent Katapult (Alt + Space) as a launcher/calculator.

To change the shortcut:

K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> KDE Component (Run Command Interface) -> Run Command.

Click Custom, and then press Alt + Space, or whatever shortcut combination you want. Click “Apply”. Voila.

Please also note that you need to prefix an “=” when typing equations, unlike Katapult; e.g.


instead of


3 thoughts on “Katapult-like functionality on KDE4.1

  1. Peter :
    Thanks for this, I just moved to kde4 on my laptop and was looking for a katapult replacement.

    Thanks a lot, I was also looking for a KDE 4 version of katapult.

    Didn’t manage to find where to tweak that shortcut though :(

    1. I know it can be set somewhere, except I don’t have a KDE4 machine to give the exact directions, sorry. It seems like they have a tendency to bury options deep in, which can be rather irritating.

      I’m using Linux Mint 8 now, and GNOME Do (Meta + Space) is serving me well.

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