Back to KDE 3.5.1

Two nights ago I reverted to KDE 3.5.1, as the UI was getting less and less responsive.

Krunner, Kate, Kdesvn for some reason felt slower than when I first installed KDE 4.1. There was also a silly issue with Kate (my primary text editor) which didn’t help.

Maybe it was the hardware, as my laptop was bought in Aug 2006, I’m not sure. But now I know why Lenny was released with KDE 3.x.y, it just feels more… complete.

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Katapult-like functionality on KDE4.1

OK, this post is more about recovering the Katapult functionality that I love. In fact, I started using KDE because of Katapult! But I digress.

In KDE4, which I recently installed there is a program called KRunner. It works exactly like Katapult, but the shortcut key is Alt + F2. This is a VERY poor shortcut; it’s a stretch to hit the Alt and F2 button at the same time. Previously I used the excellent Katapult (Alt + Space) as a launcher/calculator.

To change the shortcut:

K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> KDE Component (Run Command Interface) -> Run Command.

Click Custom, and then press Alt + Space, or whatever shortcut combination you want. Click “Apply”. Voila.

Please also note that you need to prefix an “=” when typing equations, unlike Katapult; e.g.


instead of


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Actually it’s KDE 4.1; apparently this is more stable that the point release, that’s why I waited as long as I did. For more instructions, see here. You probably need to upgrade to Lenny first — I didn’t check as I’m already on Lenny.

Well, late to upgrade (or update) as usual, but the wait (to upgrade) to KDE 4 was well worth it, as there was only one small dependency issue which didn’t affect the boot into KDE 4.

Way to go! Text seem to render much prettier now, which is a good thing!


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