Tar with exclusion

Sometimes I want to duplicate a Subversion-ed directory, without the .svn folders in each subdirectory. The reason for this is when I want to add/commit this newly duplicated folder, I get an error message because the .svn directory indicates that the files are already in the repository — when it is NOT. We can do […]

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Muting the system buzzer

When in the command shell, it is too easy to press Tab to autocomplete too many times. I love the text auto complete feature — it saves my fingers — but I overuse it. This results in the annoying “beep” from the system buzzer. Mute it with the command: $ /usr/bin/setterm -blength 0 You could […]

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Separate MySQL databases environments

Now this may be common practice for some of you all, but not all. I’d recommend the (security) practice of having separate databases for your different environments; e.g. development, testing and production. Say for a given user ‘kzhiwei’, I should have up to three databases available for use: kzhiwei_development kzhiwei_production kzhiwei_testing PHPMyAdmin provides excellent support […]

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