SimplyMEPIS 6.5 Live CD

I finally got down to (re)setting up MEPIS on my sister’s laptop since performing my own install of Ruby/Rubygems previously.

I was ignorant to the beauty of apt, aptitude and synaptics. But I digress. It took 35 minutes from clicking the “MEPIS install” icon to seeing the new bootup screen. Not too bad! Of course the dialogs are a real walk in the park, the installer sets up practically everything nicely for you.

Once installed, I proceeded to setup the wireless connection, and I must say. The new MEPIS Network Assistant is a real joy to use. It’s a big improvement over the previous, and it even supports WPA! I didn’t test this though.

6.5 has practically everything a regular user could want. Firefox 2, OpenOffice, KSudoku, the GIMP, KSnapshot, Gaim (now Pidgin), Kate, KPDF (which works better than Adobe Acrobat Reader) and Ark. There’s probably a whole host of software that I missed out.

Of course there could be things like Katapult and SuperKaramba, but then I guess, I’m being picky. This is a great release. It even has the Live CD feature so you can boot it up to explore, make sure your hardware is detected correctly — it probably is, or would be, anyway. MEPIS has great hardware detection/support.

OK rave out.

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