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I went to Sim Lim Square/Laser last night with the intention of purchasing some parts for a destroyed computer. Basically the power supply fried everything except the memory, sound card, floppy(!) drive and the cd burner. I think the graphics card, a beautiful Radeon 8600 was fried too, but I couldn’t confirm cos I had no AGP slot for testing. I had purchased a new power supply and a 200GB harddrive in the hope that the system was undamaged, but to no avail.

So off to shopping:

  1. CPU: A recent Intel Dual Core processor, something like the E4300, which my in-the-know friend, has advised to be “fastttttt”. This should cost something like (SGD) $250.
  2. Mainboard: Asus/Gigabyte/MSI LGA 775 (compatible with the CPU, of course). About $110.
  3. Memory: 1x 512MB Kingston KVR (DDR400). $80 max.

The total is estimated to be $440, which is decent since we’re reusing some parts. I was looking for a DDR system — as opposed to DDR2 — since I already had some memory to begin. I was also looking for a mainboard with a AGP slot although I know that’s becoming really rare nowadays.

When I finally arrived at the shop it was 8pm+. Shops at Sim Lim close soon after that. So I was in a big rush, having delayed my attempts to troubleshoot the entire system for 3(!) months.

In the end I was convinced to purchase:

  1. CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+
  2. Mainboard: nVidia GeForce 6150 rev. A2.
  3. Memory: 2x 512MB Kingston KVR (DDR2 533).

The total price was $342 $372, so in the end I had a slower system for a significantly lower price. Yeah OK so it’s a different processor/mainboard altogether, no graphics card and faster memory, that’s all. Hehe

I considered getting some decent, mid-ranged graphics card as well, but for now, the built-in graphics will do. Oh! And it has VGA/DVI connectors! Nice.

Currently blogging using the system so as to test for stability. After all, you have to eat your own dog food. And its great, the noise level is almost zero, can you believe it?!? This is compared to my own Opteron 144, which is like, thrice as loud.

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