Firefox 2 on SimplyMEPIS 6.0

Would you believe it? This is the first time I’m using Firefox 2 on a Linux distro. My previous attempts (in FC6) to use the binary, just untar and gunzip to /usr/local/firefox failed as there was some library missing, can’t remember the error now when I ran: $ /usr/local/firefox/firefox MEPIS however was nice. It worked […]

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Ruby/RubyGems on SimplyMEPIS 6.0

# whoami root # gunzip -dc ruby-1.8.5-p12.tar.gz | tar -xof – # cd ruby-1.8.5-p12 # ./configure # make # make test # sudo make install # gunzip -dc rubygems-0.9.2.tgz | tar -xof – # cd rubygems-0.9.2 # ruby setup.rb . . . Successfully built RubyGem Name: sources Version: 0.0.1 File: sources-0.0.1.gem Removing old RubyGems RDoc […]

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Recursive chmod

When considering the chmod -R command, you may actually be wanting to descend, from some directory into all of its subdirectories to set the file permissions for a particular type of file. Directories should be 755, of course. Try using: $ find . -type f -print $ find . -type f -name *.php -print #1 […]

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