To follow-up upon my post yesterday, I’ve decided that stop pursuing the MEPIS issue. Just get FC6, since I’m pretty comfy with Red Hat flavoured distros anyways.

FC6 can be downloaded from:


The 4GB ISO download took about 3+ hours, which is pretty fast as I am using SCV MaxOnline.

Burned it onto a DVD, used VMWare (again) and lo and behold, after a lengthy install process, I have Zod.

: )

I’ve decided to shift my development onto the Linux platform, as XAMPP just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I’d rather become more familiar with development on a proper platform, although, of course this FC6 image is going to be my playground.

I got this Ruby on Rails book, am going to try it out later in the day. Yes, I’m somewhat slow, but better late than never!

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