Joel Spolsky’s advice on writing skills is great. Besides, speaking and writing come hand-in-hand, no matter the industry. Now I’m grateful for the psychology/social psychology essay practice that I had, even if its all angst and pain then! This is the blog by Wayne Khan, a web developer in Singapore. I’ll write about software development and my experiences as they come along.

After the mandatory conscription that local boys go through, I have been working for a small company called DV9 as a web developer, occasional Linux systems administrator and *groans* telephone helpdesk. That was December 2005. Then, I had a weak grasp of PHP4, knew next to nothing about Linux, except maybe “ls -l”. I (painfully) picked up Perl along the way as well, having had to maintain some legacy apps. Gotta move to PHP5, and then Ruby/Ruby on Rails. Cool new stuff to learn. :)

Everybody is talking about Web 2.0 nowadays, AJAX everything, you know. In fact just surf around and look for sites with “beta” somewhere in its name. Its probably AJAX-ified in some manner. But then the end-users don’t really care — they might not even figure. But here in Singapore, it’s been rather slow but with spiffy browsers like Firefox/Opera, these so-called “rich internet applications” are here to stay. xajax is really cool. I’m no fan of JavaScript, so its great to have xajax be the intermediary between PHP and the web browser.

Besides work, I’ll be graduate with the obligatory computer science degree at UniSIM in May 2007. I major in computer science and have completed the minor part in psychology. Fingers crossed about the summa cum laude. Thinking about the masters degree, if and only if it’s practical. No more of that nonsense like UML and Yet-Another-Hello-World-Application-That-Does-Nothing-Useful.

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