Forced shutdown

Yesterday, we encountered a disk issue on one of our CentOS servers. Some of the disks had either failed, or were predicting failure, so our vendor swooped in, changed some of the disks, as well as the RAID controller. Unfortunately, this worked for only a short time, before we started seeing “input/output error” verbiage in […]

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ORA-00257: archiver error. Connect internal only, until freed

Work around for this issue is to increase the amount of space allocated to db_recovery_file_dest; e.g., $ sqlplus sys as sysdba SQL> show parameter db_recovery_file; db_recovery_file_dest string /opt/oracle/flash_recovery_area db_recovery_file_dest_size big integer 20G Compare this with the output of ‘du -sh’; e.g., $ du -sh /opt/oracle/flash_recovery_area 21G /opt/oracle/flash_recovery_area 21 vs 20, so set it to something […]

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Apple Special Event

Apple Park, it starts with the first event held today at the Steve Jobs Theatre. Today at Apple, it seems to be huge. I can’t attest to this though, haven’t been at the Orchard Road one. Apple Watch No. 1 apparently, leapfrogging Rolex. New heart rate metrics (e.g., resting heart rate, recovery rate) in watchOS […]

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Linux: Ifconfig and its replacement

Recently I installed CentOS 7 Minimal, and lo and behold, command not found. As it turns out, ifconfig while you can still get via ‘yum install net-tools‘, we should be a bit more forward looking, and use it’s designated replacement. To quote Doug Vitale’s excellent article: some Linux tools that, while still included and functional […]

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Hiding page breaks in Excel

I’d successfully hidden ’em distracting grid lines in Excel via (Ribbon) > View > Gridlines, but then I wanted to hide (similarly distracting) page breaks. As it turns out, this option is pretty well hidden: File > Options > Advanced > Display options for this worksheet > Show page breaks Also note that this option […]

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